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World Diabetes Day 2018

November is National Diabetes Month and today, November 14, is World Diabetes Day. If you or your loved ones have diabetes, be sure to have a comprehensive dilated eye exam at least once a year. Diabetic eye disease can be detected early and treated before noticeable vision loss occurs. For more information on Diabetic Eye ... read more

Annual American Academy of Ophthalmology Conference 2018

The annual American Academy of Ophthalmology Conference was held in Chicago, IL on October 26-29, 2018, and a number of our Mid Atlantic Retina Doctors were in attendance.  Dr. Carl Regillo presented findings from the clinical trial (LADDER trial) on a refillable ranibizumab implant that could allow patients with wet AMD to go 6 months or more between visits.  Read this article or watch ... read more

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