April, 2019

Outcomes of Switching from Aflibercept to Ranibizumab

By editor
April 30, 2019

With age-related macular degeneration becoming a larger issue across the globe, more physicians are participating in research regarding its treatment options. Dr. Jason Hsu, and his colleagues at the Wills Eye Hospital presented a study at ARVO 2019 regarding short-term outcomes of patients, with nAMD, who switched from afliberecept to ranibizumab. Watch the video to learn more....  read more

9th Annual Reticon Conference

By editor
April 29, 2019

Dr. Sunir Garg was invited to attend the 9th Reticon Conference that was held in Chennai, India. World-famous ophthalmologist, Amar Agarwal, hosts the event and invites over 700 attendees to speak and present at the conference, along with one foreign speaker, who was Dr. Garg this year! During the conference, Dr. Garg gave four different...  read more

Testimony Tuesday

By editor
April 9, 2019
Upload: July 24, 2018

“I love the professionalism of all of the office workers. Everyone performs their job well and they are very friendly!  I chose Dr. Gupta, who performed surgery on my eye, and I was so impressed with his knowledge of how to treat my condition.  He answered all of my questions and I really felt comfortable...  read more