Healthwatch - Carl D. Regillo, MD, FACS

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January 16, 2019

Dr. Carl Regillo, Chief of Wills Eye Retina Service, explains the risk diabetes imposes on your vision if not treated or detected early. Watch the full clip here to learn more.

Tiny Eye Device Could Make Big Difference for Millions with Blinding Disease

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December 19, 2018

Melinda Roth feels fortunate.  The vision in her left eye went from “a big black blotchy circle” to nearly normal thanks to a drug that stopped the growth of abnormal blood vessels.  This is a new treatment for macular degeneration being studied by doctors at Wills Eye and Mid Atlantic Retina with Dr. Carl Regillo as...  read more

South Jersey Magazine Top Physicians 2018

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August 13, 2018
Upload: August 13, 2018

Congratulations to Dr. Mitchell Fineman, Dr. David Fischer, Dr. Carl Park, Dr. Carl Regillo, Dr. Arunan Sivalingam and Dr. James Vander who were chosen as Top Physicians 2018 by South Jersey Magazine.

Adventures in Parenthoodhood

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June 17, 2018

In honor of Father's Day 2018 we are sharing a column Dr Sunir Garg recently posted in the Retina Times, of which he is editor-in-chief, on how he how he went from a red corvette to a green minivan. Adventures in Parenthood June 2018

Power List 2018

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June 12, 2018
Upload: June 12, 2018

Congratulations to Dr. Allen Ho and Dr. Carl Regillo, for making the Power List 2018.  They were both named in the Top 100 most influential people in the world of ophthalmology, presented by The Ophthalmologist.  

Dr. Carl Regillo Receives the Silver Tray Award

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June 7, 2018

Congratulations to Dr. Carl Regillo! Dr. Regillo received the Silver Tray Award at the 70th Annual Wills Eye Conference, for his devoted service to Wills Eye Hospital, the Wills Eye Residency Program and the Wills Eye Alumni Society.

Cardiovascular Disease and Your Eyes

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June 1, 2018

Dr. Sunir Garg discusses a new study published by Google that finds by using retinal fundus photography, you can predict cardiovascular risk factors like blood pressure, age and gender through deep learning. Watch the full video here.

Mid Atlantic Retina Physician Leaders Honored for Excellence in Education

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May 17, 2018

Two of our very own Mid Atlantic Retina Physicians have been awarded the distinguished honor in Ophthalmology of the Sidney Kimmel Medical College Dean's Award for Excellence in Education. Congratulations to Dr. Sunir Garg and Dr. Sonia Mehta for being this year's recipients! The award is presented by Sidney Kimmel Medical College to faculty who demonstrate superior...  read more

Philadelphia Top Docs 2018

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May 2, 2018

Philadelphia magazine's 2018 Top Docs' issue is out this month, and once again several of our Mid Atlantic Retina Physicians have been chosen as "Top Doctors" of 2018! Congratulations to Dr. James Dunn, Dr. Mitchell Fineman, Dr. Allen Ho, Dr. Richard Kaiser, Dr. Joseph Maguire, Dr. Carl Park, Dr. Carl Regillo, Dr. Arunan Sivalingam and...  read more

Sixers Clinch Round 1

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April 25, 2018

Philadelphia Unite - Round 2 is in perfect eye sight! Congratulations to the Philadelphia 76ers on clinching Round 1 in the NBA playoffs to continue the process! Mid Atlantic Retina is proud to be the official team ophthalmologists for the Philadelphia 76ers!