Testimony Tuesday

By http://www.midatlanticretina.com/author
January 8, 2019

"I am so grateful for the staff at the Lansdale office. Eye injections are not the highlight of anyone's day. But - thanks to this group it makes it tolerable (not pleasant but not the worst thing). They are welcoming (even with the number of patients waiting in the wings), have a great sense of humor, always make time to listen and even lower the lights knowing that my eyes are extremely light sensitive (may not seem like a big deal - but it is!).

Many thanks for your understanding and caring nature. Here's to the day when I won't need any more of those not-so-pleasant/but not horrible injections. Their treatment of and behavior towards me (I am sure all others, also) is too important not to recognize.

Many thanks to all." - Antoinette M.



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