American Academy of Ophthalmology Meeting 2017

November 22, 2017

The annual meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) was held November 11-14 in New Orleans, LA.

Dr Carl Regillo was the program director for the Retina Subspecialty Day, which is the world's largest retina meeting, on November 11th.  Dr Jason Hsu presented PRO: Chandelier Scleral Buckling.  Dr Omesh Gupta presented CON: Use of intraoperative OCT improves surgical outcomes.  Dr Richard Kaiser presented IRIS Registry to Determine the True Rate of Retinal Detachment Repair.

Other presentations and lectures during the AAO are as follows:

Dr Jason Hsu was the Senior Instructor and Dr Omesh Gupta & Dr Sunir Garg were panelists for "Gore-tex sutured and sutureless scleral-fixated intraocular lens implantation techniques".

Dr. Sunir Garg was the senior course instructor on the topic of "Advanced Vitreoretinal Surgical Techniques".  Dr. Jason Hsu, Dr Allen Ho and Dr Carl Regillo also served as course instructions, teaching retina specialists and ophthalmologists from around the world about the latest vitreoretinal surgical techniques.

Dr Jason Hsu presented "Effect of IOP-lowering medications on neovascular AMD treatment outcomes in the Comparison of AMD Treatment Trials".  Dr Carl Regillo was an Invited Instructor for "Spotlight on Cataract Complications" and "Update on AMD and Diabetes Clinical Trials. Breakfast with the Experts".

The second edition of Vitreoretinal Disease: The Essentials was published and made available at the AAO.  Dr Carl Regillo is an author of this textbook.




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